Online cyber scan for companies

What does a hacker see when he looks at your company online? With an online cyber scan, we make your vulnerabilities visible before they can be exploited.

Cyber Guard by EYE

Is your website a gateway for cybercriminals?

Where do you start securing your business? Are the measures you currently have in place actually sufficient to withstand a cyberattack? EYE can help you make an initial inventory of potential threats and vulnerabilities. We will discuss the steps with you that can be taken to deny cyber criminals access to your organisation.

Insight into vulnerabilities

The online cyber scan does exactly what it says: it scans your organisation's websites to gain insight into possible vulnerabilities. By performing the scan regularly, your digital security becomes measurable and clear.

Scanning for sensitive information

Not only do we check the security of your websites, we also scan the internet and dark web for sensitive information from and about your company. This might include passwords or personal data that may have fallen into the hands of cybercriminals during an earlier incident.

Direct advice

EYE contacts you directly after the online risk scan to discuss what actions are required to counter potential threats.

Free online scan

The online risk scan is part of EYE Cyber Guard. Together, we look at your current security and possible improvements. Not a client yet? No problem, you can also sign up for a free risk scan. We will discuss the results with you, after which you can choose to take out a subscription to Cyber Guard.

Vulnerabilities in your websites Look through the eyes of a hacker

Websites often contain vulnerabilities that are gratefully used by cybercriminals to penetrate your systems. This is extra annoying for you as an entrepreneur, because you probably trust the supplier that maintains your website(s). The average time between the moment a cybercriminal gains access to your systems and the moment you find out is relatively long (think months). The sooner you detect and close cyber risks, the more peacefully you can sleep.

Prevention is better than cure

EYE's online cyber scan is actually not very different from the scans that cyber criminals do on the internet to find digital targets. With automated scans, they quickly see which companies, for example, are still working with outdated software. EYE performs a similar scan, aimed at your business. You receive a clear report with the vulnerabilities found.

Looking for leaked information

EYE's security specialists proactively search for sensitive information about our clients on the web and the dark web. This might include customer or company data. When we find this information about your company, it often means there has already been a leak. It is also a prelude to future attacks, because if a criminal offers your house key for sale, he can easily use it to gain access to your house. The same applies online.

For everyone

The online cyber scan is available free of charge to everyone, even if you are not yet an EYE customer. After the scan, we will discuss how you can resolve any vulnerabilities in a no-obligation consultation.


Some facts

of all ransomware victims were SME businesses.
is the average amount of damage done by ransomware in SME.
is the total increase of ransomware in 2020.

Frequently asked questions

We already have antivirus software. What does EYE add?
Antivirus software is a great start, but it won't protect you from all the different threats in the digital world. Our cyber experts actively monitor your systems so that you can be sure that your company is safe.
Isn't my IT supplier already protecting my network?
IT suppliers often do not actively monitor, making it difficult to respond to any incidents in a timely manner. And a short response time is crucial to be able to protect your systems and data as well as possible. EYE works closely with IT suppliers so that we strengthen each other.
Against which cyber attacks does EYE protect me?
EYE focuses on all digital attacks. Think of ransomware, phishing, other malware and viruses, data leaks and attacks via your website. In addition, we also keep an eye on whether you use outdated software that contains vulnerabilities.
How can you provide these services for an SME price?
At EYE, we believe that every organization should be able to work safely and that every entrepreneur should be able to focus on what they are good at, without having to worry about security. Because we work with fantastic partners and buy our technology smartly, we can offer everyone safety in an affordable way.

Interested? Contact us

In a no-obligation consultation, we explain whether and how our solution fits your organization and we give concrete cybersecurity advice that you can use immediately. If desired, we also provide insight into the price you can expect.

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