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Having doubts about the security of your IT systems? Would you like to check the advice of your IT supplier with cybersecurity experts? That is possible. Without any obligation.

Digital fortress

EYE provides insight into your risks

Security means cooperation. We look at what suits your organisation so that you can do business without worries.


You are not alone in this digital world where technological developments follow each other rapidly. As our customer, you will receive security advice from our experts twice a year. Together, we can keep your IT security strategy up-to-date.

Tailored advice

No two businesses are the same. This means that risks and security are different for every organisation. We discuss the current threats, the developments we see in your sector, recent attacks we have detected, results of phishing campaigns and other elements we come across in your network and cloud environment. So, you always know what's coming at your business.

Change Assistance

Planning to make changes to your digital environments? We're here to advise you and make sure you stay safe after the changes too.

Continuous improvement

EYE Cyber Guard forms a solid basis for your security strategy. With regular consultations, you will consistently implement improvements to deal with current threats.

Tailored cybersecurity consultancy How to combat digital attacks

A talk with a security expert can give you just the right assurance to keep doing business with peace of mind. What is the first step in your IT security strategy or when are you safe enough from cyber attacks? EYE is happy to think along with you.

Open to everyone

Anyone can turn to EYE for cybersecurity advice. Customers who take out the EYE Cyber Guard package receive an extensive consultation twice a year. But if we detect new developments or threats in the meantime, we also make sure that you are informed about these. In this way, you can be sure that you are building an IT security strategy that constantly adapts to the threats facing your organisation.

Not yet an EYE customer? No worries, we'd be happy to help you too. Request a no-obligation consultation at the bottom of this page. We'll discuss the measures you can take to stay ahead of cybercriminals.

Tailored advice

Every industry faces its own challenges when it comes to combating cybercrime. Cybercriminals know exactly what your worst nightmare is, and they can easily take advantage of it.

When you sit down with an expert from EYE, you can be sure that you're getting IT advice based on the threats and dangers we've seen at clients that are in your industry too. In addition, we will go through your IT environment in detail, show you the attacks we have prevented and discuss the results of the phishing campaigns used to raise the cyber security awareness of your employees. This is how we improve your digital security step by step, without extra costs and with the solid foundation of EYE Cyber Guard.

Support changes

Do you want to redesign certain parts of your IT security strategy, because things are changing in your organisation for example? Or do you have a new system that also needs to be secured? We are very happy to think along with you about how you can make your organisation and your security move along with these changes.


Some facts

of all ransomware victims were SME businesses.
62 %
is the average amount of damage done by ransomware in SME.
€ 220.000
is the total increase of ransomware in 2020.
71 %

Frequently asked questions

We already have antivirus software. What does EYE add?
Antivirus software is a great start, but it won't protect you from all the different threats in the digital world. Our cyber experts actively monitor your systems so that you can be sure that your company is safe.
Isn't my IT supplier already protecting my network?
IT suppliers often do not actively monitor, making it difficult to respond to any incidents in a timely manner. And a short response time is crucial to be able to protect your systems and data as well as possible. EYE works closely with IT suppliers so that we strengthen each other.
Against which cyber attacks does EYE protect me?
EYE focuses on all digital attacks. Think of ransomware, phishing, other malware and viruses, data leaks and attacks via your website. In addition, we also keep an eye on whether you use outdated software that contains vulnerabilities.
How can you provide these services for an SME price?
At EYE, we believe that every organization should be able to work safely and that every entrepreneur should be able to focus on what they are good at, without having to worry about security. Because we work with fantastic partners and buy our technology smartly, we can offer everyone safety in an affordable way.

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In a no-obligation consultation, we explain whether and how our solution fits your organization and we give concrete cybersecurity advice that you can use immediately. If desired, we also provide insight into the price you can expect.

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