Cyber insurance for companies

What are the financial consequences of a cyber attack? And can you afford it if something unexpected happens? Fortunately, you can insure yourself against cyber attacks with cyber insurance.

Financially secure The power of cyber insurance

Many entrepreneurs think that their organisation is not interesting to cybercriminals, but nothing could be further from the truth. The very companies where security is not that high on the agenda are attractive targets for digital extortion, data theft or any other form of cybercrime.

Digitization within companies is increasing, but in the area of cyber security there is still a world to be won. Measures are often taken on a technical level, but are not tested, and on an organisational level too little is done. Any business that uses technology or collects data is at risk of a cyber attack, and the consequences of cybercrime can be catastrophic.

Massive financial impact

The impact of a cyber attack or data breach is often underestimated by companies. Not only does your business grind to a halt, but cybercriminals may also be after money or you may be at risk of a fine for breaching the General Data Protection Regulation. And what about your reputation or the costs of hiring forensic specialists and lawyers?

Essential for recovery

Only a handful of companies have an up-to-date procedure in place that is put into action when they become the victim of a cyber attack. And even fewer organisations have taken out cyber insurance. Such cyber insurance can help you cover the financial losses resulting from cyber attacks and incidents.

But with the increased number of attacks, it's not so easy to get insurance anymore. Insurers now set higher standards for your organisation and your security if you want to qualify for it. Cyber insurance can be essential in helping your business recover after a hack, data breach or ransomware, because the costs are often higher than just the ransom of a ransomware. Just think of the damage it causes when your business is shut down, as well as damage to equipment, legal fees, public relations fees, forensic investigations, and costs associated with legally required notifications.

More information

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Some facts

of all ransomware victims were SME businesses.
is the average amount of damage done by ransomware in SME.
is the total increase of ransomware in 2020.

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