Employees awareness of cyber risks

Involve your employees in digitally securing your company to stay ahead of the dangers of phishing, CEO fraud and ransomware.

Awareness as a defence

Train the cyber awareness of your employees

Awareness training is part of EYE's all-in-one package. In this way, we tackle your security across the board: prevention is better than cure.

Phishing campaigns

Outsmart cybercriminals. We provide tailor-made phishing campaigns at least four times a year to train your employees to stay alert to cyber risks.

CEO fraud

Small and medium-sized businesses are often the victims of CEO fraud. This often happens when an employee receives an e-mail requesting the transfer of large sums of money. It seems as if the email was sent by the CEO, for example, but in reality it is sent by a criminal. It can cost you a lot of money and bring shame to your employees. With our cyber awareness training courses, you can teach your employees to recognise fraudulent emails.

Awareness materials

The periodic campaigns that we conduct with your organisation are supplemented with cyber awareness posters that can be hung up in your office and provide relevant tips and tricks. This way, employees remain aware of digital threats.

Prevent ransomware

Ransomware is your worst nightmare. You can no longer access your systems, your company comes to a standstill and to make matters worse, you have to pay tens of thousands of euros to get your data back. By training your employees to recognise malicious emails and links, you can combat cybercrime in an accessible and inexpensive way.

From intern to CEO Keep your employees alert

Technology offers fantastic opportunities for your business, but unfortunately it also has a downside. Not all software programmes are watertight, which means cybercriminals can find a way into your network. You can reduce these technical vulnerabilities with good security measures. But what about the people who work with the software in your company?

Mistakes are made quickly

Research shows that 90 percent of all cyber attacks can be traced back to human errors. After all, cybercriminals often look for the weakest link and employees unfortunately still appear to be a vulnerable spot in your organisation, especially because they do not realise how cybercriminals work and what data is valuable to them. This is how a security incident can quickly arise. The best way to ensure a safe working environment is to build a culture of awareness.

When your employees are security aware, they understand what possible threats there are, what impact a cyber-attack can have on the company and what steps are necessary to reduce that risk in order to prevent cybercriminals from entering your company. Cyber awareness is therefore extremely important.

Your organisation's security is only as strong as your weakest employee. We help you to raise the awareness of your employees by explaining how cybercriminals work, what to look out for and what to do if things do go wrong.

Recognising phishing mails

A phishing attack is often used by cybercriminals to penetrate an organisation. It often allows them to bypass a company's technological security. With phishing, your employees are approached by a cybercriminal posing as an official body or a business contact. This is how they try to get hold of sensitive information, such as log-in data for certain company systems. If the criminals are in your systems, they can also plant ransomware - software that encrypts your business-critical data (hostage-taking) and ask you for money.

EYE conducts a phishing campaign for your business at least twice a year. This means we send out fake emails and see how your employees react to them. If an employee does click, we give him or her tips in a fun way so that they are better armed in the future.

We report the results back to you, increasing awareness and reducing the chances of employees falling for genuine phishing emails. Moreover, we measure the security knowledge level of your employees to provide insight into how these campaigns contribute to the awareness of your staff.

CEO fraud

Everyone knows the story of the Dutch cinema, Pathé, that lost millions of euros through CEO fraud. A cyber criminal, very plausibly, posed as the organisation's CEO and managed to convince an employee to transfer a lot of money without publicity. The way in which this form of fraud is tackled by criminals is sometimes indistinguishable from the real thing. Yet there are elements in their modus operandi that stand out when you are aware of CEO fraud. We teach your employees to recognize these elements, so that the chance of your company becoming a victim of CEO fraud becomes much smaller.

Cybersecurity awareness material

Occasional awareness training does not automatically ensure that the knowledge learned is retained. It is therefore important that your employees are constantly reminded of the risks of cyber security. EYE has developed special material for this purpose that we send to you regularly, so that you can keep your employees alert and aware with, for example, relevant and up-to-date posters. This material is available in multiple languages and responds to current issues.


A data leak occurs often as a result of human actions rather than as a result of a cyber attack. Teach your employees to work safely now. Interested in our cyber security awareness training? Request a free consultation to talk about the security of your organisation.


Some facts

of all ransomware victims were SME businesses.
is the average amount of damage done by ransomware in SME.
is the total increase of ransomware in 2020.

Frequently asked questions

We already have antivirus software. What does EYE add?
Antivirus software is a great start, but it won't protect you from all the different threats in the digital world. Our cyber experts actively monitor your systems so that you can be sure that your company is safe.
Isn't my IT supplier already protecting my network?
IT suppliers often do not actively monitor, making it difficult to respond to any incidents in a timely manner. And a short response time is crucial to be able to protect your systems and data as well as possible. EYE works closely with IT suppliers so that we strengthen each other.
Against which cyber attacks does EYE protect me?
EYE focuses on all digital attacks. Think of ransomware, phishing, other malware and viruses, data leaks and attacks via your website. In addition, we also keep an eye on whether you use outdated software that contains vulnerabilities.
How can you provide these services for an SME price?
At EYE, we believe that every organization should be able to work safely and that every entrepreneur should be able to focus on what they are good at, without having to worry about security. Because we work with fantastic partners and buy our technology smartly, we can offer everyone safety in an affordable way.

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