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How do you ensure your organisation is safe? After all, you don't want to have to worry about data leaks, hacks or any other cyber-attacks. With an all-in-one package that offers preventative measures, strong detection and rapid assistance in the event of incidents, EYE is happy to take these worries off your hands.

Cyber Guard by EYE

Safe business

Need excellent meat? You go to the butcher. Need fresh bread? You go to the baker. Need reliable IT security? You go to EYE.

Monitoring of (cloud) systems

Ransomware is no longer one of your worries, because EYE's software protects your computer systems against cybercrime. We also monitor your cloud environment for abnormal log-in attempts and phishing emails.


We organise in-house campaigns to keep your employees on their toes. By training your employees and teaching them how attackers work and what the risks are, you ensure that your business is shut tight for cyber criminals.


The right cyber security measures differ from one company to another and even from one sector to another. The experts at EYE regularly provide advice on how to best protect your organisation and valuable data from the threats in your specific sector.

Incident Response

When a security incident does happen, it is essential to respond with lightning speed. EYE is there for you, so that your business can continue to run while we work in the background to resolve the incident.

Good to meet you! Digitally safe: always and everywhere

You regularly read about companies that are hit by hacks, digital leaks or ransomware. These kinds of cyber-attacks are not limited to large multinationals; SMEs are also at great risk.

The average damage of a cyber-attack amounts to about 222,000 euros. These costs include downtime, production loss, data loss and data theft. Not to mention recovery costs and reputational damage. Yet the resilience of companies leaves much to be desired. It is no longer a question of whether your company will be affected, but when it will happen.

Dependence on ICT is high and disruptions have an enormous impact on your company. How can you ensure that your organisation will not unintentionally end up in the newspaper because of a cyber-attack?

Cyber Guard by EYE is an all-in-one package that ensures the security of your business in an accessible, effective and affordable way. The system focuses on preventive measures and strong detection. What's more, our security experts are on hand to advise and assist you.

Cyber Guard covers the following aspects:

  • Monitoring of user systems, servers and your cloud environment.
  • Employee awareness.
  • Online risk scans.
  • Consultancy.
  • 24/7 Incident response.

An effective IT security strategy need not be expensive, so why wait? We are happy to show you the benefits of a solid IT security strategy for your business in a free consultation. And no, this is not a slick sales pitch, but an open and honest conversation about possible risks to your business and how security can protect you. Can’t EYE offer what your organisation needs? Then we’re happy to show you the way to the best solution for YOU.


Some facts

of all ransomware victims were SME businesses.
is the average amount of damage done by ransomware in SME.
is the total increase of ransomware in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

We already have antivirus software. What does EYE add?
Antivirus software is a great start, but it won't protect you from all the different threats in the digital world. Our cyber experts actively monitor your systems so that you can be sure that your company is safe.
Isn't my IT supplier already protecting my network?
IT suppliers often do not actively monitor, making it difficult to respond to any incidents in a timely manner. And a short response time is crucial to be able to protect your systems and data as well as possible. EYE works closely with IT suppliers so that we strengthen each other.
Against which cyber attacks does EYE protect me?
EYE focuses on all digital attacks. Think of ransomware, phishing, other malware and viruses, data leaks and attacks via your website. In addition, we also keep an eye on whether you use outdated software that contains vulnerabilities.
How can you provide these services for an SME price?
At EYE, we believe that every organization should be able to work safely and that every entrepreneur should be able to focus on what they are good at, without having to worry about security. Because we work with fantastic partners and buy our technology smartly, we can offer everyone safety in an affordable way.

Interested? Contact us

In a no-obligation consultation, we explain whether and how our solution fits your organization and we give concrete cybersecurity advice that you can use immediately. If desired, we also provide insight into the price you can expect.

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