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Cybersecurity for Construction industry

Security is often neglected by construction companies. Simply because you don't have the people or the budget for it. That makes you an attractive target for cybercriminals. Protect your organisation with EYE's affordable all-in-one package.

Digital wall Securely benefiting from digitisation

As a construction company, your focus is on the physical world of bridges, tunnels, roads and buildings. Not surprisingly, you are less aware of the threats in the digital world. Yet this has become a necessity, as cybercrime is rapidly gaining momentum and is claiming many victims, particularly among SMEs.

The fight against cybercriminals is an unfair one, because by definition they are 1-0 up. They only need one hole for a successful attack, whereas we cannot afford any mistakes. Moreover, cybercrime has now become a serious business with a solid organisation and seemingly unlimited resources and possibilities.

It is impossible for you as an SME entrepreneur to keep track of what cybercriminals are capable of, what risks your organisation runs as a result and how you should arm yourself against them. But you do work on large projects with often confidential information. Moreover, you make use of technological possibilities such as geolocation of personnel, vehicles and equipment, or digital drawing and reporting on the construction site. The need to secure the (sensitive) information in your company has never been greater.

Cybersecurity starts with awareness

The fact that you are looking for a security provider means that the first step has been taken. You understand that there are risks that you need to deal with, but at the same time it's probably not clear to you how to outwit cybercriminals.

Fortunately, EYE can help you with that. We work with you to identify the risks to your business based on your current systems. At the same time, we immediately start preventing suspicious digital traffic and intervene in the event of incidents. This is how the foundation of your digital security is built, while we also anticipate the threats of the future.

Reinforced concrete wall

While your people are working in the physical world, we are building the digital wall of your company. Not a wall of plaster, but of reinforced concrete ;-). This is how we prevent a project from grinding to a halt due to a cyber attack or the loss of important data.

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All-in-one package rates

Fort Knox protection for every company

Keep your business safe with monitoring, advice and help with incident response


  • An online scan with advice once a year.

  • 60 minutes of advice in case of incidents.

  • Current trends via email.

  • Discount on our digital fire brigade

The best protection


13,99 /month

per employee

  • Protection and active monitoring of office and home workers systems.

  • Monitoring your email and cloud.

  • Advice from cyber experts twice a year.

  • Awareness of your employees through training and practical simulations.

  • Our digital fire brigade is ready 24/7


9,99 /month

per employee

  • Protection and active monitoring of systems in the office and of home workers.

  • Monitoring your email and cloud.

  • Advice from cyber experts once a year.

  • Our digital fire brigade is ready 24/7

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