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Securing your company is a hard requirement these days if you want to guarantee the continuity and survival of your business. How do you do that effectively and affordably? EYE helps you with an all-in-one package that is completely geared towards the SME sector.

No-nonsense security Cybersecurity for your business

Every entrepreneur lies awake at times worrying about the company. Some don't like the idea of their data being out in the open, while others wouldn't survive a week if their systems were brought to a standstill. Whatever your biggest security nightmare is, we can help. With knowledge, experience and a great deal of fighting spirit to make the digital world a safer place, we know better than anyone how to give SME entrepreneurs back their valuable night's rest.

Move with modern time

Times are changing and hackers are organising themselves more and more professionally. Gone are the days of poorly translated phishing emails from a king in a faraway land who wants to leave you his legacy. That means a virus scanner and firewall are no longer enough to protect your business. With hackers rapidly deploying new, innovative technology, you need to keep up with them. One moment of slack attention and you become an easy and vulnerable target..

Security from A to Z

EYE believes in a digital security strategy that focuses on multiple layers. Training your employees to recognise cybercrime is just as important as the technical monitoring of your networks. After all, there's no point in putting up a thick fortress around your company if an employee happily opens the front door. At the same time, we have to acknowledge that a successful cyber attack is often the result of human error. Sometimes because systems were updated too late, but sometimes also because a smart cyber criminal managed to entice one of your employees to click on a link anyway.

Take the first step towards security

On this page [link to all-in-one page] you will find an overview of what the EYE Cyber Guard package entails. Ask for a free no-obligation consultation. Then together we can look at how we can digitally secure your business within your specific wishes and challenges.

Interested? Contact us

In a no-obligation consultation, we explain whether and how our solution fits your organization and we give concrete cybersecurity advice that you can use immediately. If desired, we also provide insight into the price you can expect.

All-in-one package rates

Fort Knox protection for every company

Keep your business safe with monitoring, advice and help with incident response


  • An online scan with advice once a year.

  • 60 minutes of advice in case of incidents.

  • Current trends via email.

  • Discount on our digital fire brigade

The best protection


13,99 /month

per employee

  • Protection and active monitoring of office and home workers systems.

  • Monitoring your email and cloud.

  • Advice from cyber experts twice a year.

  • Awareness of your employees through training and practical simulations.

  • Our digital fire brigade is ready 24/7


9,99 /month

per employee

  • Protection and active monitoring of systems in the office and of home workers.

  • Monitoring your email and cloud.

  • Advice from cyber experts once a year.

  • Our digital fire brigade is ready 24/7

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