Cybersecurity for Agriculture

In recent years, agricultural businesses have been transformed into technological marvels. But that means you are also more vulnerable to cybercriminals and digital spies. Make sure you know what the risks are and that you protect your business.

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The agricultural sector is one of the most innovative industries in the Netherlands. Besides all the opportunities that this offers, this means that your agricultural business is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. This makes you vulnerable to cybercrime. What does it mean when your business comes to a standstill because of cybercrime? How important is the availability, accuracy and completeness of data to you?

Many farmers and market gardeners underestimate the risks that cybercrime poses to their business operations. Thanks to the 'Internet of Things', farms are becoming ever smarter. This offers unprecedented opportunities to remotely monitor and control livestock, fields and greenhouses. At the same time, this requires good security, because you don't want unauthorized people to take over your business remotely.


In agricultural businesses, business and private life are often intertwined. Children use the same computer as the business administration, which is connected to the milking robot, for example. If such a system is hacked, it has major consequences. As a farmer you are not an ICT expert, but you do realize that cyber security is crucial to your business. That is why it is important to seek help in time to secure the information and systems in your company against external threats.

Cybersecurity expertise

Since ICT and security are not your area of expertise, it's hard to know where to start when it comes to securing your business. At EYE, we have little knowledge of agriculture and horticulture, but we know everything there is to know about cybersecurity. We'd love to help you set up your digital security strategy. With our affordable all-in-one package, Cyber Guard, we offer you a company-wide security solution, so that you can run your business carefree.

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Let us help you. Together, we will assess the risks and advise you where necessary. In the meantime, we implement our monitoring software as a digital alarm system, so that we can keep your systems and cloud environment safe from the first moment.

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In a no-obligation consultation, we explain whether and how our solution fits your organization and we give concrete cybersecurity advice that you can use immediately. If desired, we also provide insight into the price you can expect.

All-in-one package rates

Fort Knox protection for every company

Keep your business safe with monitoring, advice and help with incident response


  • An online scan with advice once a year.

  • 60 minutes of advice in case of incidents.

  • Current trends via email.

  • Discount on our digital fire brigade

The best protection


13,99 /month

per employee

  • Protection and active monitoring of office and home workers systems.

  • Monitoring your email and cloud.

  • Advice from cyber experts twice a year.

  • Awareness of your employees through training and practical simulations.

  • Our digital fire brigade is ready 24/7


9,99 /month

per employee

  • Protection and active monitoring of systems in the office and of home workers.

  • Monitoring your email and cloud.

  • Advice from cyber experts once a year.

  • Our digital fire brigade is ready 24/7

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