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You can contact us via email, phone or via the contact form using the contact button.

+31 (0)88 6444 888

08:00 to 18:00 (CEST)

Incident Response

Our technical team is ready for 15 min free advise when their is an urgent situation.

+31 (0)88 6444 888


Our heroes

People working at EYE have a united mission to make Europe a safer place to do business. Do you want to work with us? Check out our open job vacancies our reach out via the contact form.

  • Job Kuijpers

    Job Kuijpers


  • Vincent van de Ven

    Vincent van de Ven


  • Piet Kerkhofs

    Piet Kerkhofs


  • Vaisha Bernard

    Vaisha Bernard

    Chief Hacker

  • Niels Teusink

    Niels Teusink

    Chief Security Specialist

  • Peter Franssen

    Peter Franssen

    Head of Advisory

  • To be announced

    To be announced

    Head of Marketing

  • To be announced

    To be announced

    Head of Sales

  • Rick Hofstede

    Rick Hofstede

    Product Owner Platform

  • Robin Remmerswaal

    Robin Remmerswaal

    Customer Success Manager

  • Shari Joosten

    Shari Joosten

    Security Specialist & Developer

  • Stefan Dorresteijn

    Stefan Dorresteijn

    Security Specialist & Developer

  • Naomi Warmerdam

    Naomi Warmerdam

    Communication & Media

  • Yu Han Koopmans

    Yu Han Koopmans

    Office & Community Manager

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