EYE’s Story

Everything for a safer place to do business

How do we do that? By making the knowledge and experience of our experts available to entrepreneurs. We strongly dislike injustice and are committed to protecting organizations from today's invisible digital threats.


We believe that securing a company should go further than just an annual pen test or individual cyber awareness training. That is why our services contain several layers of security measures: from advice to active monitoring at workplace level. We keep this as affordable and accessible as possible. In our view, this, in combination with good cyber insurance, is the only real way organizations can defend themselves against cybercrime.


Are you curious about what EYE can do for your company? Let us know. We are open to all kinds of collaborations - as a supplier, but also from a joint proposition. Of course, only if it contributes to our mission: to protect Europe digitally.

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Our specialists ♥ tech and use their skills to protect businesses across Europe.